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The market

There are several solutions to manage business operations. Generic solutions sold on a larger scale have their advantages for sure, but they also have their drawbacks. Our philosophy is to develop a specific solution to address actual needs of your business. We consider that it is pointless to fight awkward procedures of generic systems that may also be the source of errors, or going through a twisted path because one of your needs is not handled in a simple and efficient manner.

Your solution

Images on the right side are only examples of possible pages. Everything may be modified to fit your needs. Features that can be added to your solution may include:

  • Maintain clients and suppliers lists, as well as the activities history;
  • Manage client orders, and manage supplier purchases;
  • Manage the inventory, and automatically adjust suggested sales prices;
  • Manage merchandise reception, and manage product shipping;
  • Manage production, and automatically adjust the inventory;
  • Transfer relevant data to an accounting system, for example, the ACOMBA system from GFI Solutions, or Simply Accounting (Sage 50) from Sage.

Contact us

We serve the Greater Montreal region. Complete systems are possible from $5 000 to $20 000 depending on the functionality that you need. Don't hesitate to contact us for further details.

Contact :Dominique Léger
Phone :(514) 900-1637
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